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Q:  1. What if the mail man delivers my nothing when I am not home, how will I know where he left it?   2. How much is shipping and handling on nothing?
A: 1:) This should never happen. If the mailman delivers nothing please contact us via e-mail. 2:) Nothing.

Q: "Do you ever actually receive orders? I must say I am slightly intrigued to see if anyone is truly that dumb. Thank you for your time."
A: No. We send the orders. (Because of the negative content of this e-mail we posted it on our site.)

Q: "Why?"
A: Because "it" isn't there.

Q: "Really, if I order nothing, what do I get?"
A: Nothing, and our big (actually small, but infinitely larger than nothing) instruction manual.

Q: "And what's in the instruction manual?"
A: Great tips, detailed instructions, recipes and more!

Q: "Can you give me any good reason why I should spend $5 on nothing?"
A: No.

Q: "Is nothing real?"
A: No, but we are selling "it".

Q: "Can I really buy it or is it just a hoax?"
A: This is not a hoax. When we say we'll send you nothing we mean nothing! Remember, you can also buy tee-shirts which are something.

Q: "What the hell are you guys talking about?"
A: Nothing.

"Did you know that Snapple stold your concept?"
A: Yes, but what can you do? (A: Nothing.)

Q: "You want us to send 20.00 for a t-shirt that says nothing on it???  What's the point, if it doesn't say anything, what do I do with it.  Use it as a washcloth??!!"
A: 1:) The shirt actually does say something, the word "nothing", but it is printed in the same color as the shirt. 2:) Yes, using the shirt as a washcloth is a great suggestion. Alternately, you could do nothing with the shirt.

Q: "I'm very intrigued, what do you consider nothing?"
A: Nothing.

Q: "Why are you trying to sell me nothing for something?"
A: No reason.

Q: "Would you really get something when you pay for nothing?"
A:  You get what you pay for.

Q: "Do you really deliver nothing?"
A: Yes.

Q: "Are you ever gonna do e-mail forwarding, or the Like?"
A: We've been thinking seriously about it for about 4 years. Not sure.

Q: "How Many Orders of Nothing do you receive daily?"
A: We are not equipped to process orders of nothing. However, we do receive numerous orders for nothing.

Q: "can i have yr children? please."
A: No. Nothing personal.

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