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In this exclusive offer when you pay for nothing you get our complete instruction manual free!
You too can do nothing in almost no time! And now you can buy on a normal e-commerce site @ if that doesn't prove that our shirts are real
I'm not sure that anything will. Of course, you can still fill out and mail this form. The irony is worth it!

___Yes! I want nothing at this time. Quantity___

send nothing to:



Cost: $5.00 per order (includes postage, U.S. only).

Also available, tee-shirts that say nothing on them, black on black
or white on white (actual silk screening, not just a blank shirt).
From long distances it looks like it says nothing, close up you can
see that it really says nothing. Specify color   Black__   White__
Specify size   Small__   Medium__   Large__   Xlarge__   XXlarge__

___Yes! I want tee-shirts that say nothing on them. Quantity___

send it (them) to:



Cost: $20.00 each (includes postage, U.S. only).

Please pay by check or money order only (no cash, no credit cards).
Make check payable to Tom Johnson. 4 to 8 weeks to delivery.

Sorry we can't afford any fancy secure servers or anything
like that but we're on a budget that's next to nothing, really.

Send your order to:
C/O Total Media Fusion
P.O. Box 1079
Willcox, AZ 85644

For answers to questions about nothing e-mail
Remember, we do nothing right!

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